Stupid, stupid day

I'm not a fan of April Fools' Day. Perhaps it's because, hello, I spend all year making stuff up, and once a year a bunch of amateurs are going to try it? Please. But what really fails to impress me on April Fools' Day is...a bad puzzle.

By the time anyone reads this, they'll presumably already have gotten the news about Google Treasure Maps. It's kind of clever, though "street view" is certainly the best part of it. Anyway: Collapse )

And I think that's why I hate April Fools' Day. Yeah, I make stuff up, but they're one-off little jokes, and they aren't anything that anyone's going to spend time worrying about or otherwise engaged in. Pranks that waste people's time? That's just stupid.

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Odd dreams, we get odd dreams

Last night's odd dream involved the usual disconnected plotlines, including what I'm pretty sure was Otherworld, and also some sort of corpse-reanimating ritual. I distinctly recall someone being reanimated and having to shove his jaw back into place before being able to say "Do you know what you have done!?".

That's par for the course, for dreams, or at least for mine. The standout odd part was the group, in the dream, who realized that "Death Before Zombification!" was less defiant and more merely descriptive than they intended.

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What a weird day

I spent today at work making terrible decisions about how to implement (and test and debug) code. Also about how long to stay at work, since I left at 10:15. (Also about when to get to work, since I arrived at 2:15.)

I thought the day might have been starting kind of OK, though, based on the bus ride to work. Admittedly, it was spent with three teenagers who were judging people on their looks, including taking pictures with their phones, which seemed pretty ballsy given that one of them had a Justin Bieber haircut. But it was pretty well balanced out by having a driver who made sure that people getting on waited until other people got off; and who didn't start driving after a man with a walker got on until someone gave him a seat; and who paused to check on a man who stumbled and fell while getting off the bus. Even the teenagers started to get up to check on the man who fell. And there were two different women with babies in strollers (at two different times), and people made room for them, and the man sitting next to one of them made happy faces at the baby. It was kind of going to be OK.

And then at the mall, waiting in line to get lunch, I was joined by a woman and her ten year old boy (her son, or nephew, or legal guardian ward, or who knows), and he was wearing this T-shirt. Warning: not appropriate for work, or ever.

A ten year old. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?

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MIT's Technology Review cites crowdfunding as a major emerging technology. It mostly discusses Kickstarter, but also mentions a number of similar websites.

It makes me want to start my own crowdfunding business. I just have no idea how I'd go about finding investors.

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

There are two signs that I pass periodically which count among the simple joys in my life. One belongs to Sav-Mor Liquors, whose sign currently reads BEER CAN'T HELP WITH TAXES / YOU'LL NEED SOMETHING STRONGER. (Past signs include the December classic HOLIDAYS MEAN FAMILY / WE SELL LIQUOR, the St. Patrick's Day IF YOU SEE LEPRECHAUNS / STOP DRINKING, and their recent COME SEE OUR WORLD FAMOUS SIGN. And while they seem to coordinate their signs across stores, I have no idea what this one means.)

But far and away my favorite sign is the one for the movie theatre at the Fresh Pond Mall in Alewife, because while they are not necessarily the worst spellers in the world, they're some of the worst spellers at that size. In the past, for instance, they've proudly proclaimed that they're showing DIARY OF A MIMPY KID—and understand that they're consistently having to substitute for letters they don't have enough of, so this sign required turning two Ws upside down to use as Ms. Or, in fact, four, because it was misspelled the same way on both sides.

Today, one side of the sign let us know that they were showing MIRORR MIRORR; alas, the other side had it spelled correctly. However, both sides of the sign did display, at the top of the sign in theatre 1, the title WRATH OF THE TITIANS 3D.

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Play the Play

As is the case every year, I totally forget about the Interactive Fiction competition until it's long since over and judged. (You'd think that having friends who submit things to it would help me remember. Nope.)

Anyway, I've been dipping into it here and there; I rather enjoyed "Beet the Devil", mostly for its strong narrative voice, and "Six" for similar reasons. But easily my favorite so far is "The Play" by Deirdra Kiai, playable online on her website. It's short, in the sense that it doesn't take long to reach the end, though you're very likely going to want to play it more than once. And it's not very strenuous—if you're used to IF being "pick up everything that isn't nailed down, try applying everything in your inventory to a puzzle, guess which verb the author had in mind", well, this isn't that. Go, play, enjoy, ponder. (Warning: contains theatre.)

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I've never really felt compelled to poke around on Kickstarter before—well, OK, being unemployed was a notable part of that, and now I feel like I have actual money to actually spend on actual things. Or, I suppose, in the case of Kickstarter, potential things. At any rate, I've thrown in my two cents for Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tzavelas. Because, you know, book. (Long-awaited, in my case, since I believe I told the author something like sixteen years ago, "You should write a novel." She was going to anyway, I have no doubt, but that makes it no less awaited.)

(Also, speaking of kicking things until they start again, I'm going to try resuming my posting at my old work journal, now that I have new work. Follow it to see the details of everything I do that isn't covered by a non-disclosure agreement!)

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Lo those many years ago

At work, listening to music while coding, and the Indigo Girls's "Prince of Darkness" came up on iTunes (apparently, per the "last played" attribute, for the first time in two and a half years). To my surprise, my first and primary association with the song is still the fact that the Carleton Knightingales sang it, not that I would have seen them in some sixteen years.

So: Thinking of you, Angie.

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