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I've never really felt compelled to poke around on Kickstarter before—well, OK, being unemployed was a notable part of that, and now I feel like I have actual money to actually spend on actual things. Or, I suppose, in the case of Kickstarter, potential things. At any rate, I've thrown in my two cents for Matchbox Girls by Chrysoula Tzavelas. Because, you know, book. (Long-awaited, in my case, since I believe I told the author something like sixteen years ago, "You should write a novel." She was going to anyway, I have no doubt, but that makes it no less awaited.)

(Also, speaking of kicking things until they start again, I'm going to try resuming my posting at my old work journal, now that I have new work. Follow it to see the details of everything I do that isn't covered by a non-disclosure agreement!)

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