Henry (tahnan) wrote,

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

There are two signs that I pass periodically which count among the simple joys in my life. One belongs to Sav-Mor Liquors, whose sign currently reads BEER CAN'T HELP WITH TAXES / YOU'LL NEED SOMETHING STRONGER. (Past signs include the December classic HOLIDAYS MEAN FAMILY / WE SELL LIQUOR, the St. Patrick's Day IF YOU SEE LEPRECHAUNS / STOP DRINKING, and their recent COME SEE OUR WORLD FAMOUS SIGN. And while they seem to coordinate their signs across stores, I have no idea what this one means.)

But far and away my favorite sign is the one for the movie theatre at the Fresh Pond Mall in Alewife, because while they are not necessarily the worst spellers in the world, they're some of the worst spellers at that size. In the past, for instance, they've proudly proclaimed that they're showing DIARY OF A MIMPY KID—and understand that they're consistently having to substitute for letters they don't have enough of, so this sign required turning two Ws upside down to use as Ms. Or, in fact, four, because it was misspelled the same way on both sides.

Today, one side of the sign let us know that they were showing MIRORR MIRORR; alas, the other side had it spelled correctly. However, both sides of the sign did display, at the top of the sign in theatre 1, the title WRATH OF THE TITIANS 3D.

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