Henry (tahnan) wrote,

What a weird day

I spent today at work making terrible decisions about how to implement (and test and debug) code. Also about how long to stay at work, since I left at 10:15. (Also about when to get to work, since I arrived at 2:15.)

I thought the day might have been starting kind of OK, though, based on the bus ride to work. Admittedly, it was spent with three teenagers who were judging people on their looks, including taking pictures with their phones, which seemed pretty ballsy given that one of them had a Justin Bieber haircut. But it was pretty well balanced out by having a driver who made sure that people getting on waited until other people got off; and who didn't start driving after a man with a walker got on until someone gave him a seat; and who paused to check on a man who stumbled and fell while getting off the bus. Even the teenagers started to get up to check on the man who fell. And there were two different women with babies in strollers (at two different times), and people made room for them, and the man sitting next to one of them made happy faces at the baby. It was kind of going to be OK.

And then at the mall, waiting in line to get lunch, I was joined by a woman and her ten year old boy (her son, or nephew, or legal guardian ward, or who knows), and he was wearing this T-shirt. Warning: not appropriate for work, or ever.

A ten year old. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?

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